Gluten-Free and Flour-Free Tortillas with Leftover Rice

Using leftover rice, you can create delicious, gluten-free, and flour-free tortillas. These tortillas are easy to make and perfect for various dishes. Follow this simple recipe to turn your cooked rice into tasty tortillas.

Ingredients (For 12 Tortillas)

  • 1 cup of round rice
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 pinch of salt

Note: If using leftover cooked rice, ensure it has not been rinsed with cold water after boiling, as it’s best if it is starchy and sticky.

Steps to Follow

  1. Rinse the Rice:
    • Rinse the rice thoroughly with plenty of water and drain.
    • Repeat the rinse and drain process once more.
  2. Cook the Rice:
    • Bring the 2 cups of water to a boil over medium heat and add a pinch of salt.
    • Once boiling, add the rice, stir to prevent sticking, and cook over medium heat until the water is almost completely absorbed (about 20 minutes).
    • Remove from heat when there is almost no liquid left, cover with a lid, and let it cool completely.
  3. Prepare the Dough:
    • Once the rice is cold, mash it using a potato masher or a food processor until it forms a smooth dough.
    • Using an oiled spatula and oiled hands, form the rice dough into a ball.
    • Divide the dough into 12 portions and roll each portion into a ball. Place them on an oiled dish.

Note: To flatten the tortillas, it is best to use a cut-open plastic bag meant for freezing. Plastic kitchen film is too thin and wrinkles easily, causing the tortillas to break.

  1. Shape the Tortillas:
    • Place a dough ball between two pieces of the cut-open plastic bag.
    • Press slightly with your hand, then use a flat object to further flatten the tortilla until it is about 2 millimeters thick. Do not make them as thin as corn tortillas to prevent breaking.
  2. Cook the Tortillas:
    • Heat a thick-bottomed pan over high heat until hot.
    • Carefully place the first tortilla in the pan.

Note: To prevent the tortillas from sticking to your hands when transferring them to the pan, you can:

  • Oil the surface and your fingers.
  • Lightly flour the surface of the tortilla.
  • Use reusable baking paper and place the tortilla directly in the pan with the paper.
  1. Cooking Process:
    • Cook the tortilla for 30 seconds on high heat until the first side is sealed and can be flipped without breaking.
    • Flip the tortilla and cook for 1 minute on the other side.
    • Flip once more to brown the first side slightly.
    • When the tortilla has golden spots, remove it from the pan, place it on a plate, and cover it with a cloth to keep warm.
    • Repeat with the remaining dough balls.
  2. Serve:
    • Serve the tortillas immediately and enjoy!

These gluten-free and flour-free rice tortillas are perfect for any meal and are a great way to use up leftover rice. Enjoy them with your favorite fillings and toppings!

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